Sunday, April 17, 2011


Hi Everyone!
Welcome to my new blog, I have been thinking about starting up a new blog for a while now and finally decided to just jump in head first. I am expecting my first child with my hubby Adam of about a year and a half in October!
I was a very healthy eater for years especially leading up to our wedding on November 14, 2009. My doctor though thought I could afford to gain a few pounds since I had some female problems (no period for years on my own) and desperately wanted to get pregnant eventually. Well after the wedding I decided burgers, bread and "fat" were not terrible in moderation and realized I was much more happy eating that way. I gained about 8 pounds over the next year and surprisingly got pregnant without really trying!
These days though I'm not feeling that I'm eating as healthy, I'm still keeping up my workouts of walking a brisk 4.5 miles a day but salads, veggies and yogurt just don't seem as appealing. I WANT MEAT, CHEESE AND BREAD!!  and lots of it. Its nuts! I never really thought about cravings like this if/when I became pregnant but it really happens! lol
I figured starting this blog will help me see what I'm putting in my mouth these days and be totally conscious of what I'm feeding my little peanut too!
Here's my latest ultrasound picture of peanut at 12 weeks! This was about 4 weeks ago ;)

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